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The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re looking to show gratitude to your sponsors at the end of the season, or treat your hospitality guests to some tasty treats on race weekends, we can craft the perfect confections for your occasion, using your own helmet design, team colours and flavour preferences as inspiration!

Corporate Gifting

For new design/flavour combinations of our Racing Chocs, a one-time custom design charge of £150 & a minimum order quantity of 100pcs will be applicable.

Please note that not all helmet designs & corporate logos can be reproduced in chocolate form, either due to technical limitations or cost implications.

Wedding Favours

If you or your significant other are big motorcycle or motorsport fans, why not add an interesting twist to your wedding favours by gifting some ‘His & Hers’ Racing Chocs as wedding favours.

Unique Creations

Chocolate Engineering are well placed to turn your concepts into realised chocolate products.

We use rapid prototyping technologies including CAD, 3D Printing & Vacuum Forming to streamline the early stages of product development.

Once a workable design has been established, we collaborate with key food industry manufacturers to produce the necessary elements, whether that be custom chocolate moulds, insert trays or packaging.

Creating custom chocolate moulds can prove expensive depending on the material and production methods, but high quality polycarbonate chocolate moulds can last a lifetime if well cared for. We regularly use silicone & PETG chocolate moulds to create our stock products, which are perfect for complex shapes or to control initial setup costs.

Branded Packaging

We understand the importance of branding when it comes to corporate gifting, which is why we dedicate a lot of time to identifying the perfect packaging options for our clients.

Hot foil blocking, printed sleeves and stickers are the primary methods we use to apply branding to packaging but branding is not limited to being included on just packaging either.

We can emboss logo's onto chocolate moulds, use printed cocoa butter transfer sheets to apply branding to flat surfaces (i.e. the bases of filled chocolates) and use airbrush techniques to apply coloured cocoa butter anywhere on the finished chocolate.

We strive to adhere to brand guidelines however colour matching can prove difficult at times due to the limited flexibility of the decoration medium we use (coloured cocoa butter).

Lead Times

There are certain times of the year when our lead times will be dramatically affected, namely Christmas & Easter. If you wish to enquire about a bespoke project for either of these gifting seasons, the initial discussion needs to take place 2-3 months prior (Sept/Oct for Christmas, Jan/Feb for Easter).

Custom Half Scale Helmet

If you would like us to create you a custom decorated version of our hollow half scale chocolate helmets, perhaps to echo your own lid design or that of your favourite driver, we can look into this for you. You never know, we may have already done it for another customer previously.

Talk about your requirements

Have a special project in mind? Drop us a line and let us know what you’re planning. Our team will work with you to create something completely unique!

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