Nut Allergen Statement

In our Brackley based chocolate workshop, we regularly handle tree based nut products such as hazelnuts and almonds which means there will always be some risk with regards to nut allergies. We do actively avoid any peanut based products & do not use any nut based fillings in the chocolates in our classic range.

Gluten Allergen Statement

The only chocolate within our classic range which contains gluten is our Sebastian Vettel inspired “The Finger” which contains biscuit pieces. All other chocolates are gluten free.

Milk/Lactose Allergen Statement

All of our chocolates contain milk/lactose.

Alcohol Statement

There is only one chocolate within our classic range which contains alcohol & this is "Still I Rise" our Lewis Hamilton inspired design.

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Soya Allergen Statement

Soya lecithin is a commonly used emulsifier in chocolate production and as such is present in all of our chocolates.

Vegan Statement

We do not currently supply any products that are vegan approved and have no plans to offer such in the immediate future.