Matthew Poat

Matthew has a degree in Motorsport Engineering from Coventry University & worked for over 12 years in the technical sales departments of various motorsport companies including Varley Red Top Racing Batteries, Stack, Variohm & Race-Keeper.

His background in engineering and sales were instrumental in starting his own business, however the switch to chocolate was a brave step. Although he was always a fan of sweets as a child, there was nothing to indicate that one day he would go on to create a chocolate based startup.

Matthew attended the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Banbury, UK to learn how to create confections but it was clear that, as the business gained momentum, he would need the support of an experienced pastry chef to take things to the next level.

George Sobas

George attended culinary college in Oxford and Birmingham, UK and began his career as a pastry chef at the renowned London hotel Claridges at the age of 19. Through working with elite pastry chefs and chocolatiers his skills propelled him to the semi-final of the Royal Acadamy of Culinary Arts Young Pastry Chef of the Year.

He has an immense passion for motorsport, the result of his whole family being involved in the sport in both engineering & marketing disciplines, so when an opportunity to join the Racing Chocs team during a period of expansion presented himself, he jumped at the chance.

Since joining, George has brought a wealth of experience, work ethic & creativity to the business. He helped increase the shelf life of Racing Chocs by standardising production methods & pushed the business into the world of TikTok, which has propelled the business to new heights.

Paul Webb

Paul is a behind the scenes character at Racing Chocs who doesn't get too much coverage on our social media or involved with chocolate production but his presence has been pivotal in taking the business from early startup to established company.

Paul has worked in motorsport sales & marketing for over 20 years, running the Deustch motosport connectors department at TE.

His passion for motorsport is extensive and Paul became an early investor in Racing Chocs after being pitched the concept at the 2019 Autosport Show.

His investment enabled the business to acquire new production machinery in 2019 while still based in Matthews garage & to relocate into new premises in 2020.

Paul is a great sounding board for Matthew when it comes to key strategic decisions & the two of them have become a dynamic management team.

Hollie Marr

Hollie is the most recent member of the Racing Chocs team. She moved to Brackley with her family at the age of 5 when her father began working at what is now known as the Mercedes F1 team.

She is very passionate about motorsport but this is her first time working with chocolate.